How Can I Be Compensated For a Virginia Car Accident?

When it comes to being compensated for a car accident, there are usually three types of claims:

  • Property damage claims which include damages to your vehicle
  • Claim for medical bills
  • Claim for injuries caused by the accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Virginia, you actually do not need a lawyer to help you if you have a claim for vehicle damages or medical bills. Those types of claims can usually be handled pretty easily and covered by the insurance company, that is, if the insurance company is fair and reasonable. However, when it comes to claims for injuries, the situation becomes a little sticky.

Your Rights as a Car Accident Victim

As a victim of a car accident in Virginia, keep in mind that you have a right to be compensated for medical bills in addition to being compensated for future medical care. In addition, if the car accident causes an injury in which you are inconvenienced and lose the ability to enjoy life, you have the right to an injury claim.

The fact that you can’t go bike riding, bowling, play tennis or do any day-to-day activities is very important. If your family is suffering because you can’t provide adequate care and can’t participate in family activities, then it is your right to be compensated for that as well.

Many car insurance policies include what is called “MedPay” that will cover some of your medical bills if you have a co-pay or deductible. It will cover the medical costs associated with bodily injury regardless of who is at fault. This type of coverage does not pay for future medical expenses; it only reimburses for medical expenses you have due to your injuries in the accident.

However, if you sustain injuries in a car accident, especially if the injury turns out to be permanent, the driver who was negligent is going to be responsible for the claim. In this type of case, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer to ensure that you are fully compensated for all injuries including any pain or suffering.

Compensating someone for an injury can get a little tricky because there are so many factors involved. Attempting to resolve an injury claim with an insurance company on your own can become a long process if you’re not familiar with car accident claims. This is where an experienced Richmond auto accident injury attorney can help. Your attorney can determine what would be fair compensation for your injuries and figure out the best way to reach a settlement.

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