You are entitled to recover money from the insurance company when your accident causes you to miss time from work. We call it a lost wages claim.

Sometimes your lost time results from injuries sustained during the accident. Usually, if this happens, you will have a note from your doctor that says that you are not to return to work before a certain date. It is very important to get this note from your doctor if you want to get compensated or your lost wages. If you do not have a note, the insurance company will refuse to pay you for this lost time.

Also you are entitled to get money for time you missed from work because you had to go see a doctor. It is good to keep a diary of the time you miss as you go so you don’t have to try and remember it all later.

You are also entitled to ask for compensation for milage that you drove wile going to the doctor.

It is important to tell your lawyer that you missed time from work so that he can include that in his demand. A good lawyer should ask you about that in case you forget. O’Bryan Law always makes sure to ask about lost time from work.

Also, it is important to remember that even if your workplace covered you with sick leave or vacation time so that you still get your paycheck, you are entitled to receive compensation from the insurance company. The reason for this is that you obviously would have never chosen to use your time this way. Your time can’t be replaced but you can get compensation for it.

You will need to get some sort of documentation of your pay rate and hours from your employer so we can do the lost wages calculation. Usually a paycheck stub will be good enough. If possible get a detailed report from your employer.

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