FAQ: How often do tractor trailer accidents happen? What causes them? Who is to blame?

Many times, the cause of a tractor-trailer accident is the driver’s fatigue. Nowadays, according to attorney Wayne O’Bryan, trucking companies encourage their drivers to be on the road for longer than is healthy. These accidents are usually very severe, given how enormous tractor-trailers are.

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“Many times the cause of the tractor trailer accident is the fatigue of the driver because in these days and times trucking companies are pushing their drivers to operate the vehicles and make deliveries on shorter time frames and pushing them to basically be on the road more than they should be on the road. Of course they become fatigued and typically they’ll be inattentive or fall asleep, those types of things. They’re usually serious cases because a tractor-trailer is a very heavy vehicle and going up against a family car the car is not going to come out of that confrontation very well.”