Virginia Beach toddler bitten by pit bull mix.

A 13-month-old Virginia Beach girl was bitten in the head by a pit bull mix dog last Friday May 1, around 6:45 pm.  The victim was rushed to the hospital and seems to be recovering.

The dog was the family pet which happened to be a pit bull mix.  There was another recent incident in North Carolina where a pit bull attacked and killed a family’s golden retriever.

This has raised some controversy over pit bulls.  Some people believe the breed is too prone to bite and should be banned.  Others feel that pit bulls have an unwarranted bad reputation.

Here are some tips for preventing dog bites:

• Remember that a dog is an animal and not a cuddly toy. Some dogs don’t like being hugged. Be gentle with any dog and do not engage in rough play.

•It is important to remember that any dog can bite and children are especially vulnerable to dog bites.

•Always ask the owner’s permission before petting a dog.

•Never stare at a dog.  It is better to look at the dog briefly, then look away and repeat that.

•Never leave a child alone with a dog.

•Never allow a child to tease a dog or bother it while it is eating or sleeping.

•Don’t allow children to approach strange dogs that are roaming about your neighborhood.

•Don’t scream and run away from a dog. If a strange dog comes up to you and you are scared, fold your arms, stand still, look away, and completely ignore it until it loses interest in you and goes away. The more boring you can be the less the dog will want to interact with you. If you can, walk slowly away with folded arms.

•Remember that a dog is an animal and not a cuddly toy. Some dogs don’t like being hugged. Be gentle with any dog and do not engage in rough play.

If you are bitten by a dog in Virginia you should get a Virginia dog bite lawyer.

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