Update: Teen Hit And Run Victim Dies.

Sad news today of a teen dying from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident on Friday evening.

Richmond Police are seeking help from the community in locating the driver that hit 15-year-old Tiara Rosa. 

The driver is descrived as a white male with long, light-colored hair and was wearing a baseball hat. The truck is being described as a small beige or tan single cab pickup and should have front end damage on the right side with headlights broken out. The driver was last seen heading north on Walmsley Boulevard

Tiara and her mother, from New York, were walking Westbound in the 4400 block Walmsley Boulevard on the side of the street when the accident occurred.

If you have any information that might help the driver to be found please call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000

Unfortunately there are no sidewalks in the 4400 block of Walmsley Boulevard so pedestrians are forced to walk in the street. This is a very dangerous situation, especially at night. The web site Perils for Pedestrians has the following information:

A 1983 study by Tobey et. al. investigated the safety effects of sidewalks. Sites with no sidewalks or pathways were the most hazardous for pedestrians, with pedestrian hazard scores of +2.6 and a PxV exposure score (i.e. exposure measure includes pedestrian volumes times traffic volume) of +2.2. This indicates that accidents at sites without sidewalks are more than twice as likely to occur than expected. Sites with sidewalks on one side of the road had a pedestrian volume and PxV hazard scores of +1.2 and +1.1, compared to scores of -1.2 and -1.2 for sites with sidewalks on bothsides of the road. Thus, sites with no sidewalks were the most hazardous to pedestrians, and least hazardous where sidewalks are present on both sides of the road.

There are many streets in the Richmond metro area that have no sidewalks. Please be careful when you walk these streets and make sure to wear bright clothing, especially at night. Pedestrians walking are difficult to see when driving.

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