A common complaint when working with an attorney is that the attorney won’t keep in contact. Wayne O’Bryan wants his clients to know that, if you are dissatisfied with your attorney, you can change attorneys with minimal hassle. The attorneys will work out the fee among themselves; there’s no pressure for you to work it out for them. Wayne O’Bryan will make an effort to stay in contact.

If you or someone you love has been injured, be sure to contact Richmond, VA personal injury lawyer Wayne O’Bryan at (800) 222-4189.


“You know the law is, that you can change attorneys at any time. You can switch attorneys and you don’t have to pay extra money. The attorneys work out the fee amongst themselves. Common complaint is that, the guy won’t call me back. I call him, he won’t call me back or I can’t get through them. Apparently, they won’t tell me anything. Things like that and this communication issue.

We strive really hard here to maintain good communications with our clients. Some of our clients call us a lot, and that’s fine. Some of them never call us. It’s different for each client and trying to meet their needs as best I can. That’s a people business. I think a lot of lawyers miss that. It’s really important to have good relationships with people. They hire you because of your personality and those people skills. That has to be a part of the job. I really try to be good with people.”

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  • I was very thankful for the personal attention that was given to me by all of your staff. When you go through something like I did in the fire, people’s attitudes can make a difference! Thanks for everything!

    — Patricia Hedrick

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  • I feel that my case was handled in a very quick but professional manner. I was very pleased and would recommend your firm to anyone in need.

    — Robin Truitt

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  • My case was handled in a very professional manner, it did not have any of the more common aggravations.

    — Thomas Queen Jr.

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  • I like you as my lawyer because you are always there when I need you.

    — Iman Saleem

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  • I’m proud to say that the lawyer I had was very professional and took his job very personally.  I will highly recommend him to any person.  Very honest man, tells you the truth, not what you many want to hear.  Prayers are with the company.

    — Nadine Green

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