What Are The Most Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents In Virginia?

Similarly to cars, the common cause is inattention or negligence. Frequently, tractor-trailer operators exceed the number of hours the law allows them to drive and get tired, which can lead to accidents. There is also the prevalent issue of drug use in the trucking community that can cause problems.

What Are The Severe Injuries You See Resulting From Trucking Accidents?

The most severe repercussion is the death of anyone in the vehicle. Due to the size discrepancy between a standard car and a semi-truck, there is an inherent disadvantage for a car involved in a wreck. There are even scenarios in which the truck driver does not slow down and rear-ends a vehicle in front of them for any number of reasons.

What Evidence Is Critical For Building A Strong Trucking Accident Case In Virginia?

The essential thing to think about in a tractor-trailer case is the speed of the investigation. The tractor-trailer companies all have people who work for them go out to the scene of the accident and start taking measurements, interviewing witnesses, and trying to make their case look as good as possible where the person in the automobile who has been injured may not think that they need to do anything right away. Ensure you get the police to the scene and ensure the information for the witnesses has been recorded. If you wait long on doing that, then by the time you or your lawyer get to the scene of the accident and start digging for evidence, it’s too late because they have already spoiled the location.

Who Is Potentially Liable For Injuries Caused In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Generally, the vehicle owner or the company that owns the vehicle will be liable for the accident.

Does It Ever Make Sense To Sue The Driver Individually In A Trucking Accident Case?

You would most likely want to list them as a defendant as well. However, under the laws of Virginia, if you are working for somebody, then they are responsible for their negligence. So, whoever is the driver of the tractor-trailer would be backed up by whoever owns it because they have a relationship, and the owner is responsible for the driver’s actions.

I Was Hit By A Truck Near Richmond, VA, And The Trucking Company Is Based Outside Of Virginia. Is This Going To Make Filing A Personal Injury Claim More Complicated?

As long as the accident happened in Virginia or the vehicle owner is a Virginia company, you have sufficient connection, and they are all licensed by the federal government, making it no problem at all.

What Are Potential Damages Available In A Virginia Tractor-Trailer Or Trucking Accident Injury Claim?

Any injuries sustained, lost wages, emotional trauma, or chronic pain could be suitable for compensation.

How Is The Worth Of A Serious Injury Case Determined When We May Not Know What Future Medical Care Needs Will Be?

Sometimes you can tell in advance, but most of the time, it can benefit waiting to settle with the insurance company due to the chance of an injury worsening or making itself known in the weeks after the accident. The best thing to do is not talk to the insurance company or the tractor-trailer owner until you speak to a lawyer of your own.

Who Can I Trust In My Personal Injury Case? The Insurance Company Seems To Be Very Nice

They are very friendly until they must pay out what they owe you. The insurance company is not your friend. Anyone who seems nice is employed by either the insurance company or the operator of the truck, making their sole responsibility to their employer. In these cases, it is imperative to have someone you know is on your side and who will fight for you.

How Soon Will A Claims Adjuster Generally Get In Touch With Me In A Trucking Accident Case?

In a case involving a tractor-trailer, they will probably try to contact you quickly because that’s part of how they handle claims. They want to get you committed to a version of how the accident happened so they can use it against you if possible.

What Weaknesses Are Claims Adjusters Looking For In Personal Injury Cases?

They are looking for statements made by our clients or for anything that our client did that contributed to the accident or showed that they are not injured to the extent that they claim. In Virginia, there is the contributory negligence law, and if you are at fault for the accident, you are not entitled to any compensation for that accident. However, as a practical matter, Virginia is only one of a few states with that law. Most insurance companies and most lawyers in Virginia disregard the contributory law because juries don’t pay much attention.

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