Spending time with your grandmother can be fun, especially if your grandmother is your best friend. Imagine waking up excited to go spend the day with your best friend. You had just graduated from high school on Sunday and now you’re looking forward to some time off before heading off to Virginia Commonwealth University for college.

For Shekinah Parker it was probably one of those days. Summer vacation just started and she was out and about with her grandmother enjoying the day. Shekinah and her grandmother, Pennie Hampton, were on I-64 when Pennie slowed down to avoid another car. Suddenly, Shekinah and Pennie were struck from behind by two other vehicles.

Neither one survived the event and the drivers of the two vehicles have been charged with reckless driving.

It’s tragic how lives can change in an instant. Shekinah Parker, who was only 17, had so much to look forward to. Her life as an independent adult was just starting. Pennie Hampton was 71 and is survived by her four children.

If only the other drivers had been more careful. If only…

Our prayers go out to the families of Shekinah Parker and Pennie Hampton. At least they will be together in peace now.

So think about this story as you’re out and about enjoying your summer vacation. Think about how you can be more careful driving on the highways. There’s no rush to get where you need to go.

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Source:  Daily Press



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