If I Was Injured At A Place Of Business, Does An Accident Report Have To Be Filled Out Right Away?

It isn’t necessary to immediately fill out an accident report. However, if the injured party never fills out an accident report, then the insurance company will use that against them by claiming that since a report wasn’t filed, the injured party is lying about their injury.

I Was Injured At A Friend’s House And I Don’t Want To Sue; Is There Any Way For Me To Obtain Compensation For My Injuries Outside Of Filing A Claim?

If a person was injured at their friend’s house, the first thing they should do is determine whether their friend owns the house or rents the house. If they rent the house, then the lawsuit would be taken out against the landlord, not the friend. If they own the house, then a claim would have to be made against that person’s insurance policy. The homeowners insurance policy—or even the injured party’s own insurance policy—might contain a provision for reimbursement of medical bills associated with the injury. Depending on the circumstances, a seriously injured person might end up having to file a suit against their friend in order to obtain compensation.

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