How much money will I get for my accident case? What is the real value of my car wreck case? Is there a limit to how much I can collect?

This is a frequently asked question for sure, and also one that is virtually impossible to answer. You should avoid any lawyer that states a value to you right away because there are too many things to consider. Each case is different.

Larry Buckfire has written a great blog post about this very question.

To arrive at a fair settlement, one needs to look many different factors:

  1. The strength of the case and amount of fault. Virginia is a contributory negligence state. This means that if you are in any way at fault for the accident, you are not entitled to a settlement.
  2. The local practice and precedents. You are often likely to get more in a big city than a rural area or in a rich state rather than a poor state.
  3. The severity of the injury and how long it will continue.
  4. How clear the tie is between the accident and the injury or symptoms.
  5. How much insurance there is
  6. Who the lawyer is and how well they negotiate and their trial skills

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