FAQ: What’s important from a legal standpoint about tractor-trailer accident cases?

In this video, accident attorney Wayne O’Bryan describes how tractor-trailer accident cases are legally unique. For one thing, the trucking industry has a team of investigators on call 24 hours a day. The tractor-trailer company learns about the accident quickly, and it sends out a team of adjusters as soon as it can. In comparison, the person who was hit by the tractor-trailer usually does not have nearly as much support.

According to O’Bryan, one of the best things that lawyers bring to a tractor-trailer case is the ability to show up quickly and “tie things down” so that no important information is ignored.

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“One of the things that’s different about them is that the trucking industry has got a network of investigators on call 24 hours a day. When a tractor trailer accident happens the tractor trailer company knows about it almost immediately. They get, obviously drivers with cellphones, and it gets reported quickly and they immediately get the nationwide network of adjusters to the scene and start gathering information. Typically the person who’s injured in that accident doesn’t have anybody working for them at the scene because they don’t know anybody and they don’t have a lawyer.

Typically one of the best things that lawyers bring to a tractor trailer case is the ability to get in there fast and get the information and tie things down before things blow in the wind and get lost.”