International Business Times asks the question Do SUVs Cost More to Insure?.

While you feel safer in an SUV because of its weight and size, those very elements increase the chance that your SUV will roll over or cause major damage to other cars and their passengers during an accident. Car insurance providers consider these factors and more when determining your car insurance rates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that you are three times more likely to rollover in an SUV than in a car. SUV’s are top-heavy due to their height and more prone to rollovers when performing quick maneuvers and sharp turns.

Also an SUVs bumpers are higher than a car’s bumpers, thus causing more damage and passenger injury to any car struck by an SUV in an accident.

Their conclusion?

Will You Spend More on Car Insurance With a SUV?

Because your SUV doesn’t have to meet federal government bumper standards, even small accidents can cause a lot of damageand large claims. Its tendency to rollover also results in larger repair and medical expenses.

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