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Ollie’s Motorcycle Accident: Awarded $35,000

Ollie was one of my clients who was a hardworking father and husband, who was employed as a supervisor with a sign company. Ollie was 43 years old and he enjoyed riding his ‘84 Honda motorcycle on weekends for recreation.

Ollie dropped by the softball field on Friday night to cheer on his company team. He was riding his bike. He left the game at about 8:30, heading home. He was heading south on Sewell’s Point Road when a reckless driver going north made a sudden left hand turn – giving no turn signal – in front of Ollie.

Ollie slammed on his breaks, but it was too lake. He hit the left front of the ‘85 Olds and his body was thrown more than 30 feet from the point of impact. His bike was totaled – the frame was bent and one of the cylinders was damaged beyond repair.

The police investigated and determined that Ollie’s lights were turned on prior to the accident. They came on automatically when the ignition was turned on. The teenage driver of the Olds told the investigating officer that he never saw Ollie.

They took Ollie immediately via ambulance to the nearest trauma center. He was conscious and had suffered multiple injuries. He underwent a multitude of tests to determine the extent of the injuries to his left foot and his right hand. Ollie was admitted overnight at the hospital for observation and treatment. Thankfully, Ollie was wearing his required headgear so there was no head trauma. To say the least, he is lucky to be alive.

The next few days were critical for Ollie because he really started to take a turn for the worse. He developed problems with severe pain in his ankle and wrist. He could hardly use his wrist and, of course, the cast on his chipped ankle severely limited his mobility. After observation at the hospital, he was released and told to follow up with his orthopedic doctor.

The people who caused the accident got a slap on the wrist in juvenile court and his insurance company wanted to settle with him for practically nothing. He asked a good friend if he knew of any lawyers. Ollie was desperate when he came to our office. We did some checking up. We put in a claim for Ollie and we interviewed witnesses including the investigating police officer. We let his insurance company know that we were involved as Ollie’s lawyer, and made a claim to settle.

The insurance company renewed their inadequate offer – so we proceeded to take Ollie’s case before one of our local judges where we were able to recover almost twice what the insurance company would have voluntarily paid Ollie. We were successful at making a just recovery.

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