A dash cam can be useful in proving which party ran the red light in an intersection collision.

I recommend you look into getting a dash cam for your main vehicle. It could make the difference between having an accident claim or not.

A dash cam is a camera mounted on your windshield that records video while you drive. If anything happens in front of you, you will have video evidence of it. You can also get dash cams with more features like recording behind your vehicle or recording the interior of your vehicle. The cheapest dash cams cost less than $50.

Why should you get a dash cam?

Every week people involved in red light accidents call our office. It is common for both parties to claim that they had the green light and usually there is no witness. Also, witnesses can be wrong or lie about what happened. A dash cam helps to avoid all that.

If a driver runs a red light and hits you there is no way to prove who had the right of way without a witness. Your camera can be a witness.

I’m Richmond, VA lawyer Wayne O’Bryan, a nice guy that wants to make a difference in your life.

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