If you are involved in a car accident in Virginia with someone whose insurance coverage is inadequate for covering your injuries, Virginia law requires that your insurance company cover the rest.

Personally, O’Bryan carries a very high underinsurance coverage to protect himself against people who are underinsured. If, for example, he is badly injured in an accident with someone with only $25,000 in coverage, the other person’s insurance company will pay the first $25,000, and O’Bryan’s insurance company will pay the rest.

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“If a person is underinsured, and by that I mean if I’m involved in an accident with another driver who has, say, 25,000 dollars of coverage and I have an injury that’s worth, say, 50,000 dollars, twice as much as the coverage that the other party has, then my own insurance policy under Virginia law provides me with what’s called underinsurance coverage, which is protection against people who are driving around with inadequate coverage. It’s a means of protecting yourself against people who are basically irresponsible. Either they’re irresponsible by having no insurance at all or they’re irresponsible by having inadequate insurance, which I feel in this day and time the minimum limits in Virginia of 25,000 is definitely inadequate coverage.

I personally carry a very high underinsurance coverage just to protect myself against that kind of person. In other words, if I’m badly injured and the other person has 25,000 dollars of coverage, the other company will pay the first 25,000. Then my company will step in and supplement that with my underinsured motorist coverage.”

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