Shoot video with your phone at the scene of the accident

Accidents can be scary and confusing. You are shook up and details can be fuzzy the next day. Luckily you likely have the ultimate evidence gatherer in your pocket. It is your smart phone.

When you are in an accident pull out your smart phone and shoot some video at the scene. This can provide valuable evidence of what actually happened in the accident.

Sometimes the people that caused the accident will admit fault at the scene. If you can get a video of them admitting fault that could make the difference between having a claim or not.

Sometimes people lie after the accident about what actually happened. The video helps to protect your interests in case the person who struck you changes their story.

Even things like the position of the vehicles can show a lot about what happened. I have often heard clients say that the defendant was lying about where or how an accident happened. Sometimes the defendant tries to make their position more favorable. Sometimes the police report is wrong or unclear.

There is nothing like evidence from the scene right after an accident happens. If a picture is worth 1000 words than a video must be worth much more than that.

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