The next time you’re wondering what’s wrong with your car, check out the color of the smoke that’s coming out of the exhaust. says these are the colors to look for:

Blue smoke. This means engine oil has leaked into the cylinder area and is burning. It’s okay to drive but you should take your car to a technician as soon as possible before oil starts to affect the spark plugs.

Black smoke. There may be too much fuel in the fuel-air mixture that’s burned in the car’s cylinders. It could be caused by the fuel pump or injectors. If it only happens when you start the car, don’t worry. But if it continues and the color of your oil on the dipstick is brown or milky, call a tow truck.

White smoke. It’s not smoke – it’s steam. A thick steam coming out of your tailpipe means water and/or antifreeze is entering the engine and being vaporized. Address this immediately before driving to avoid further engine damage. If you don’t see steam but you do have to add coolant regularly, you should be suspicious of a leak and talk to a technician.

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