Insurance companies use their money to change the laws in their favor.

Insurance companies are increasing their premiums and deductibles while they are spending a lot of money to lobby the government to change the laws in their favor. Sometimes they even write the laws that get passed! They are taking away your right to a fair and just recovery by hindering the ability of malpractice, personal injury and insurance victims to get a fair settlement in a court of law.

In Virginia, the insurance companies helped to set a limit on the maximum recovery for a medical malpractice victim, no matter what the victim’s condition. Many medical malpractice victims are damaged for the rest of their lives.

Insurance companies also make sure that the legal process involved in accident injury and malpractice cases are long, difficult and complicated, They hope that this will discourage people from trying to get a fair settlement for their claim. They also try and discourage you from finding a competent and experienced Richmond, Virginia trial lawyer to handle your injury claim.

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  • I was very thankful for the personal attention that was given to me by all of your staff. When you go through something like I did in the fire, people’s attitudes can make a difference! Thanks for everything!

    — Patricia Hedrick

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  • I feel that my case was handled in a very quick but professional manner. I was very pleased and would recommend your firm to anyone in need.

    — Robin Truitt

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  • My case was handled in a very professional manner, it did not have any of the more common aggravations.

    — Thomas Queen Jr.

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  • I like you as my lawyer because you are always there when I need you.

    — Iman Saleem

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  • I’m proud to say that the lawyer I had was very professional and took his job very personally.  I will highly recommend him to any person.  Very honest man, tells you the truth, not what you many want to hear.  Prayers are with the company.

    — Nadine Green

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