Many people, old and young, suffer from chronic pain.  When such people are involved in automobile accidents, their injuries can tend to be very severe, though of course the insurance company rarely sees it that way.  Once a chronic pain victim is in an accident, the insurance adjustor seem to look at only the past injuries, but not at the new injuries that may have pushed the victim over the edge.  The insurance  company may even try to deny that the new injuries have severely injured the victim.  As an example, let’s say a seventy six year old woman has joint problems, so she has to rely on a walker to get around, and enjoy a certain amount of personal freedom.   The key is, she does get around, she does enjoy personal freedom, and she is not trapped, on the bed or the couch, relying on pain pills to get through the day.

Then she gets hit in a car accident, and she can no longer use her walker.  She now relies on a wheelchair for transportation.  The wheelchair not only significantly restricts her personal freedom, it can also make her joint problems worse.  Because she is no longer weight-bearing, her bone density diminishes.  She weakens, and her mental and physical health deteriorate, along with the quality of her life and her relationships.

This woman’s life has been drastically altered from the accident, and this is an all too worn out picture for personal injury lawyers, who have seen such suffering time and again.  In many cases, the insurance company will try to pin most of the damages on her prior injuries.  Some lawyers allow the m to do so.  Here, at the Wayne O’Bryan Law Firm, we have eyes, and we know what we see.  When someone’s life has been almost ruined because of an accident, but the insurance company wants to hide behind her prior medical history, this is why we get up in the morning.   We don’t let them do it, but attack, attack, always, attack.

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  • I was very thankful for the personal attention that was given to me by all of your staff. When you go through something like I did in the fire, people’s attitudes can make a difference! Thanks for everything!

    — Patricia Hedrick

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    — Nadine Green

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