The truth of the matter is that insurance adjusters love to deal directly with injury victims because they know how to manipulate them. They can’t do that with an experienced injury lawyer.

Adjusters get their thrills by seeing how little they can pay on a claim. And when the injury victim deals with them directly, it’s like taking candy from a baby.

You see, big insurance companies handle millions of claims a year. In reality, what untrained individual can go up against that and come out ahead? Almost none. And the insurance companies understand that.

That’s why they make tremendous efforts to keep people from getting a lawyer. They know they’ll have to pay a lawyer more on the claim. They even have a name for this effort – they call it Keeping Control of the Claim! And they do it by being nice to you early in the claim process. They want you to stay away from a lawyer long enough for serious damage to be done to the claim.

They try to keep you away from treatment – even if you need it. They try to get you to go back to work quickly, even if you should not. They try to move an injured person away from treatment, because that saves the insurance company money.

And believe me, big insurance companies are interested only in money. They will step on you, they will step on their own policyholders, they will even step on their own employees — if there’s another buck in it for them.


They will pretend to be your friend – if it helps them savea buck. And that is exactly what the adjuster does. Theyare nice to you at first. They laugh and make jokes. But it is all a pretense. All they are trying to do is to control you and your claim – to keep their costs down.

Eventually, the time comes for a settlement offer. This is where reality sets in. The offer is awful! It’s insulting!

You‘re angry and disgusted. But what can you do at that point? The case value has been destroyed – just as the adjuster knew it would be.

They will have a big laugh at the water cooler and you will walk away with pennies on the dollar.

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  • I was very thankful for the personal attention that was given to me by all of your staff. When you go through something like I did in the fire, people’s attitudes can make a difference! Thanks for everything!

    — Patricia Hedrick

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  • I feel that my case was handled in a very quick but professional manner. I was very pleased and would recommend your firm to anyone in need.

    — Robin Truitt

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  • My case was handled in a very professional manner, it did not have any of the more common aggravations.

    — Thomas Queen Jr.

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  • I like you as my lawyer because you are always there when I need you.

    — Iman Saleem

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  • I’m proud to say that the lawyer I had was very professional and took his job very personally.  I will highly recommend him to any person.  Very honest man, tells you the truth, not what you many want to hear.  Prayers are with the company.

    — Nadine Green

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